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Stand up and be counted as part of the growing tide of Jews who publicly reject AIPAC.

To Massachusetts Congressional Candidates, 


We write to you as members of the Jewish community of Massachusetts with hope for a just and thriving future for all in the United States and in Israel/Palestine. At the same time, we hold grave concern about the state of democracy in the U.S., the ongoing violence in Israel/Palestine, and the role of the American-Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) in bolstering extremist leaders and dangerous policies in both places. AIPAC does not speak for Massachusetts’ Jews. We ask that you commit to rejecting AIPAC’s endorsement and donations today and moving forward. 


We believe that Jewish safety relies on the safety and well-being of all others, including Palestinians. Our shared future depends on drastic climate action, universal access to healthcare, including reproductive care, racial justice, and the protection of LGBTQ+ rights. 


AIPAC’s agenda, however, actively works against this vision. AIPAC is working to undermine democracy here in the U.S. and in Israel/Palestine. Just like the worst actors in our political system – the NRA, the fossil fuel lobby, and big Pharma – AIPAC is spending millions of dollars to shield Israel from any criticism in Congress. But unlike other right-wing lobbies, AIPAC is still welcomed with open arms by many Democrats. AIPAC should have no place in the Democratic party.




  • AIPAC supports authoritarianism in Israel/Palestine and lobbies against Palestinian rights: AIPAC demands that their endorsees back unconditional and unaccountable support to Israel. This has enabled Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s far-right government to pursue an authoritarian agenda meant to entrench permanent, unchecked military rule over millions of Palestinians and erode democratic institutions for citizens of Israel. In addition, AIPAC lobbies against letters in Congress that criticize settlement expansion and the demolition of Palestinian communities. Rather than hold the Israeli government accountable for its own actions, AIPAC blames the Palestinians for worsening occupation. 


We envision equality, justice, and a thriving future for all here in the United States and in Israel-Palestine. AIPAC’s support for extremism, authoritarianism, and occupation jeopardizes that vision. We ask you to join us in the fight for a just and democratic future in the U.S. and in Israel/Palestine by rejecting AIPAC’s support. 

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